Friday, July 13, 2007

A day late... or maybe two

Today was the day we were to set off on our seminary adventure. On Monday the truck came and that evening some friends came over to help load the heavy stuff. Then we planned to spend the next 2 days filling it ourselves, while we finished packing. Call the trucking co. by 2 pm, and be out the door by, say, 6 or so. Easy.


Do it yourself moving is not for the faint of heart. At least, not once you hit middle age and have a big house, a lot of books and other stuff, and 2 young kids. I thought about all the moves I made in my 20s and 30s when I was single. I'd rent a u-haul and put my stereo, bed, boxes of books and clothes into the back, and off we'd go. I didn't have to worry about tying down the load, or filling up all the space, or making sure my nice (though few) antiques didn't get scratched up. I probably would have had the stamina for 12 hour work days. That's 12 hours of relentless work - packing, loading, pushing, pulling, up and down the truck ramp.

I also didn't have two children who don't feel a particular urge to leave behind their only home, all their friends, and all that is dear to them to set off on an adventure. They are sad, and crabby, and they need lots of attention, not less just because Daddy and I are busy.

So, we decided to slow down just a little bit. We can leave tomorrow or even Saturday without a financial loss, or much of a time loss. The seminarian won't have the luxury of two weeks before starting his summer Greek class. But we won't be so crazed.

So, if you sent me a "bon voyage!" email today, well.... I'm still here!

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kerri said...

Well, I'll pray for you, that you'll get a smooth start and the children will start to get more interested. :)