Wednesday, July 18, 2007


On Saturday (7/14) we left home at about 7 pm and got as far as The Dalles, OR, a whopping 98 miles. Oh well, at least we were out of town.

Sunday we drove from The Dalles to Twin Falls, ID. Didn't stop much along the way; didn't seem like there was much to see!

Monday was Twin Falls to Cheyenne, WY. 651 miles; a long day. We did take a detour to see The Great Salt Lake, which was anti-climactic at best. The kids wanted to put their feet in it but we couldn't get that close without a long drive to an island and a hefty state park fee. So, they saw some salty areas of ground near the lake. Close enough.

Tuesday we blew through the rest of Wyoming and all of Nebraska, coming to rest on the edge of Iowa.

Today is Wednesday? We are going to visit a few local attractions and then head to Rock Island, IL. A short day; only 308 miles. Should be easy...

Having good audio books is helping a lot. Over the last 2 days we listened to book 1 in "The Mistmantle Chronicles" which is a great fantasy story. Good themes for discussion and a little MacBeth. Great stuff and helps those miles go by faster. Today, we are going to start "The Lord of the Rings."

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