Saturday, July 07, 2007

(For some reason I can't put a title to this post! It was going to be "New justification for collecting fabric.")

We're into the packing frenzy mode now. Doesn't every move have one? So many things we couldn't pack early... now it's getting late!

I've found that my stash of fabric is really helpful for padding items as I put them in boxes. Fat quarters and remnants are great for filling in little spaces so the box is full enough not to crush.

Yarn is very good for filling in too, but only if (like me) you buy cheap yarn. If I was a real knitter and had nice wool, I wouldn't stuff it into the bowl of my Kitchenaid to keep the attachments from rolling around. Kitchen cotton works fine, though. Well, I guess so. I'll find out when we get to our destination.

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kerri said...

We just started _Swallows and Amazons_ last week. :)

I'll use that fabric justification on hubby next time he complains.. "Well dear, you know if we ever move again.." Hmm.. Not sure it'll work...