Monday, April 14, 2008

The 8th commandment

Which is the eighth commandment? The eighth commandment is, thou shalt not steal.

How many ways are there to steal? We had an interesting discussion on this today. I love days that start like this:

- It's stealing to not tell the cashier if they give you the wrong change.

- It's stealing to make false alarms to the fire department: the cost to the fire department/taxpayers for the time, fuel, etc., the cost to other citizens because response to a real emergency might be delayed.

- You can steal someone's wife.

- It's stealing not to pay for the donut you ate in the store.

- Being late is stealing someone's time.

- Idol worship is stealing from God. (This was prompted by our Catechism book Training Hearts, Teaching Minds. But the boy is really keyed in on idols and got into this one right away.)

Yes, I love it when our mornings start this way. Because we homeschool we have time to really talk this over. We can really explore the implications of our actions, and the consequences of them. This is why breakfast sometimes takes a really long time in our house.


Brumbemom said...

Don't you just love those teachable/learnable moments. That is what makes homeschooling so wonderful isn't it.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Edward said...

Next up ... The Eighth Amendment. You might have to pull out some pics from Gitmo for that one though. Hope it doesn't come up too soon :P

Marbel said...

Whoa Edward... Welcome to non sequitur theater... ?

Ellen said...

What an interesting conversation you all had at breakfast. I love it when we get into a good conversation and can learn from each other.