Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Useful craft (maybe)

My daughter is a crafty girl. She is always making something and that means there are always little bits of paper, tape, glitter, glitter glue... all over the place. Just now I found her latest: doorknob signs. I picked one up; it said:

If you're a "grown-up" don't yell at the Kid in here Because it's not my fault it's a Jangle! (Maybe it's Jungle with a badly-formed "u".)

I am pleased with her proper spelling of "you're" but continue to be annoyed with her habit of capitalizing random words. I wonder about the quotes around grown-up. Maybe she thinks I don't really qualify as one.


Mrs. Darling said...

That is such a funny little thing to write. Tink just amde a doorknob sign for her door yesterday. It just says the usual, "Girls Only' but boy is she vocal if a boy tries to get in, namely her brohter! LOL

Sandy said...

Maybe she's capitalizing like A.A. Milne. I always liked the way he did that. Just a thought from one perplexed mother to another. You know, whatever it takes to get me through homeschooling in one piece.