Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reading comprehension and "reply all"

Yesterday I received email from my daughter's soccer coach about today's game and planned picture day. It said, in part:

Our picture day is NOT tomorrow as orginally scheduled.

There have been a lot of schedule changes this year.

We are now scheduled for pictures on Sat. Sept. 20th at (yikes!) 7:50 AM.

However, our game is scheduled for 9:30 AM .

I've attached the final, final schedule.

See everyone tomorrow at 9:15 AM, suited and ready to play.

I edited a few unnecessary things out of there. From this message, I got the point that picture day had been postponed, our game time for today had changed from 8:30 to 9:30, and there was a new schedule of future games. The schedule was indeed attached! Very clear, very organized, and accurate!

So I was surprised when the replies started coming in... comments like "I thought the game was at 8:30." "I thought pictures were tomorrow." And this morning: "We went to the field at 8:30 thinking there was a game. Hope there is a game at 9:30."

Of course the only reason I saw all these replies was because these people used "reply all" instead of just replying to the sender.

I felt like doing my own reply all and saying "Thanks, Coach, for the clear email instructions and new schedule." But, you know, my kid and I are outcasts enough: She is the only first-year player, having been deprived of soccer till age 9, which is apparently ancient in soccer years; and because I homeschool her. So I didn't want to be the known as the rude snarky mom too. Also I shouldn't be trying to embarrass people. Even though I really, really felt like it.

Later: my shift in the snack bar!

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You crack me up.