Tuesday, November 04, 2008

27 minutes

That's how long it took to vote today, not counting the walk to the polling station. We saw 4 neighbors while there. Fun!

It really is kind of cool to go into the little booth, look at the ballot and all. But, I live in a small suburban precinct - only 1100 voters total. I doubt it would be fun if we lived in the city of Philadelphia, where supposedly the vote fraud started early this morning... though I just saw an update that says "not so!" We will never know, will we?

So I still like Oregon's system better: vote by mail. I was dubious the first time I voted by mail (actually, by drop-off point since I don't trust the mail). But it really is the way to go. You get a ballot in the mail, and, separately, a big book of information on candidates and propositions. Oregon is a big state for ballot propositions, so it was nice to have all that information at hand. Then you fill out the ballot in the comfort of your own home, seal it up, and put it in the mail or drop it off at one of many convenient places. We usually took ours to the library.

No long lines, no voter intimidation . I don't see how there'd be much chance for fraud. The only downside I can come up with is lost mail.

Anyway, I am going to try not to check the internet for new information all day long, because it's not likely to be useful. I am going to my class tonight, I think - I am not sure I will be able to concentrate on the English Reformation. Class ends at 9:30 EST. Think it'll be called by then?


DADvocate said...

Took me less than that. Only two people in front of me in line. I spent more time filling out the paper ballot than anything. Living in a sparsely populated rural area has some advantages.

edwardherda said...

2 hours in Santa Monica. Great to see that people were fired up, but for the primaries, it took me but five minutes.