Wednesday, November 05, 2008

At the optometrist

Guy at the reception desk at the optometrist this morning, getting his new pair of glasses, chatting with the assistant. He's got that "dumb guy" voice, know what I mean? (Yes, I know that doesn't sound good, and "nice," but that's the voice.)

"So, wha'd you think about that election, huh? McCain never had a chance. Did you see those big crowds Obama drew, givin' that speech under the arch in Michigan? McCain couldn't fill an airplane hangar. I mean, he fought, you know, but Obama, oh man. It's gonna be great."

Anyone know what arch in Michigan he's talking about? Could it have been that famous one in Missouri?

And the lesson is - the guy who draws the biggest crowds must be the most qualified. Right?

Oh, the assistant was polite but noncommital. After he left and I walked up, she rolled her eyes and gave a rueful grin. I love having the opportunity to use words like rueful.


Sandy said...

My son likes to quote to me that the best argument against democracy is five minutes with the average voter.

edwardherda said...

Mandatory testing at the polls. Question 1: Is America a Republic or a Democracy?