Saturday, November 29, 2008

"I've been on line since yesterday morning!"

That's what someone at that WalMart supposedly yelled when asked to leave the store after customers trampled an employee to death.

Bargains sure are important.

We don't do Black Friday around here. I browsed around online a bit but didn't buy anything. The things that go on sale on BF just aren't on our lists. Well, we don't have lists. But there is nothing there we need.

In years past I had a philosophical objection to shopping on the day after giving thanks for all we have. But then I guess Thanksgiving isn't about thankfulness for a lot of people; it's a chance to carbo-load in preparation for shopping.

I do know some people who enjoy the crowds and do BF shopping for the fun of it. I wonder if they are rethinking their post-Thanksgiving plans for next year.

Update: I can't stop thinking about this today. We told the kids about it at lunchtime and they couldn't believe such a thing could happen. Of course I still can't either, really.

I keep thinking about Michelle Obama's comment, way back during the campaign, about how America is just plain mean. Well I guess this incident is an example of that. But what makes people mean? Being conservative? Having a Republican President? No, the meanness comes from a feeling of entitlement. "I deserve this new object. My obtaining this desired object is very important; more important, in fact, than your life. Because I am more important than you." And which political party is the party of entitlement? Yes, it's the party of Michelle Obama. We're mean because we deserve to be.

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DADvocate said...

I've never understood this kind of insanity. I love finding a bargain and always keep my eye open for one. Last week, Macy's in Cincinnati had some great deals. I walked to the one a few blocks from work and bought a griddle, pot and pan set and a roaster pan with rack all at less thn 50% of retail.

I had to wait in the check out line for 20-25 minutes. Fight a crowd to get in Wal-Mart? Never!