Friday, February 06, 2009

The Willoughbys

We spend a lot of time in the car these days, so audio books are becoming more important to us. Recently I read (where?) a review of The Willoughbys by Lois Lowry. We had listened to and enjoyed Lowry's Number the Stars, a story of two girls - one a Jew - in Denmark during World War II. The Willoughbys could not be more different in style and content. We loved it.

The Willoughbys is a parody of "old fashioned stories" about "old-fashioned people." There's an unpleasant family, a tragedy, an abandoned baby, a gruff nanny with a heart of gold... Think of a kinder, gentler (slightly) Roald Dahl. In fact James and the Giant Peach is one of the many books mentioned in the story.

The edition we got from the library was narrated by Arte Johnson. People of a certain age will remember him from Laugh-In. He was perfect.

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