Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Reading year and 2012 goals

After a few months of neglect, I updated my 2011 Reading page.  In the beginning of the year, I was disgusted with my pathetic reading life and resolved to repair it.

I read  26 books last year.  Ten were read-alouds for our homeschooling, most of the rest were novels I read for pleasure.   I didn't count books I started but didn't finish. There are a lot of those!   26 books is better than zero books, it's true.  But it's not quite what I had in mind.

So, in a few hours it'll be a new year. The new year brings a new beginning.  I'm not making any commitments, but I'd like to continue to work on my reading life. 

This year I'm going to be reading the Bible all the way through.  I have tried to do this a few times but have only succeeded once.  I don't believe it is a necessary thing to do, but I want to do it this year.  I'm trying this plan found on Desiring God.

Besides reading aloud to my kids - in January we'll be doing The Iliad and some Greek plays together, among other things - I want to read one novel and one nonfiction book each month.  That will be 24 books just for my own pleasure and edification, better than the 16 I got in this year.

It's a start.  

How is your reading life going?


Sandy said...

I just started Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close because I want to see the movie when it comes out in a few weeks. So far it's a bit strange and, given the subject matter, I've already been moved to tears a few times and I'm only four chapters into it.

Amber @ Classic Housewife said...

I didn't count how many books I read last year but it was a BUNCH more than I have for several years past! I wanted to read more in 2011, too, and I did, and now I want to make sure I read more in 2012, too. (Maybe I should make a list and count this time?) I have a lot of unfinished books so I'm going to start with those -- and it's been TOO long I may need to start over! I'm also finishing the bible straight through. I mean to go all the way through last year but only made it halfway, so I'll finish the other half this year. Whatever gets it done! I've started many times but never finished. Enjoy your reading!

Marbel said...

Sandy, I had never heard of that book or movie!

Amber, thanks for stopping by. I find it beneficial to keep a list of books read (and in my case, unfinished). My kids keep book lists too. We use theirs for their homeschool portfolios, but it's also nice to look back and see what books they've read and enjoyed.