Friday, December 02, 2011

Homeschooling is a long-term proposition

The schoolhouse is still in business; we are still homeschooling and my head is still full of things to write about.  But we are still sidetracked by sickness - one child's mysterious symptoms that have been stumping us since August, and now a round of Bad Colds. 

It's tiresome but apparently not life-threatening so I should keep my complaining mouth shut.

This morning, as I contemplate another day that we will not produce anything for the homeschool portfolio, I am also reminded that homeschooling is a long-term proposition.  We are going through an unproductive season right now.  We are reading (together and separately) and slowly going through the math books (oh, very slowly!), and watching some recorded lectures.  I am confident (well, trying to be) that someday we'll see the fruit of this time, when there is a lot of input but little to no output of learning.

If Pennsylvania law did not require the portfolio of work samples, I could really enjoy this time of caring for my children, allowing rest and recovery.    My girl is making lots of beautiful Christmas cards, my boy is reading up a storm.  Both kids "won" NaNoWriMo two days ago, and continue to work on their stories.  (Yes, there will be an excerpt in the portfolio.) 

Kids' school years go by in the blink of an eye, and we don't want to waste time.  I have only a few years left with them and they still have a lot to learn before they head off to their adult lives.  But we don't want to be frantic.  We can allow for rest.  We have to find the balance between our family's particular needs and our legal requirements as homeschoolers.  It's not necessarily easy.  But we have to remember that homeschooling isn't about a particular year's production.  It's about an entire childhood and beyond.

My friend Susan wrote about her family's sabbatical homeschool year. I have read this over many times and it's time again, during our unplanned sabbatical.  You might find it useful and inspiring too.

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Anonymous said...

"But we have to remember that homeschooling isn't about a particular year's production. It's about an entire childhood and beyond."

Well said, Margaret! Well said!