Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are you ready to Maximize your Mornings?

Last fall I dubiously signed up for a challenge.  I needed some routine in my life and Inspired to Action was providing a way to get it: Hello Mornings!   It's a challenge to get up early, get active, pray and read the Bible, and generally not be one of those people who hits the snooze button and gets up only when forced to.

I said dubiously.  I've tried challenges of various sorts before, and never really last with them.  I always find some reason to stop trying.  But, I got into an accountability group, printed some materials, and tried to learn how to be productive early in the a.m.

Now, the fall challenge is over and a new one is starting up in January.  I'm signing up again, somewhat less dubiously and more enthusiastically.

Does that mean I was successful in this challenge?   No, not really.

I mean, I did get up early many mornings.  OK, some.  I got some exercise (I walk the dog every morning, but sometimes it might be for only 5 minutes), read my Bible and prayed at least a couple of times a week, and tried to get a good start on the day... sometimes.  I had many excuses and even sometimes good reasons for not leaping out of bed before dawn and getting started.

But I also found some days when I couldn't find an excuse, and did get up and going.

Those were the best days!  

 I am not convinced that everyone's life is best suited to early rising by the mama.  I think families need to find their own rhythm and sometimes that means a later start and end to the day.  Wives and mothers need to figure out how their families work best.  Sleep is important and there is much competition for our time.

But for me, at this time of life, early is best.

It is so hard to get up early.  When my alarm goes off, I just want to curl up tighter and go back to sleep.  But when I force myself up and out, and start my day - wow.  Look out world!  I am getting something done.

So I'm excited to start a new challenge on January 15.   I'm hoping to do make it better than the last challenge, by getting up more consistently and just being more productive.  (I admit some early mornings I start clicking through blogs and reading news stories I'm not interested in, just because I don't feel like I can get started on my real day.) 

If you could use some  help getting started in the morning, being productive and getting things done, why not consider joining?  I'd say it's valuable even for those who don't want to get up early.  No matter what time your morning starts, you want to start the day strong and productive, right?  So, check it out and join in.  Maybe we'll end up in the same accountability group!

PS: Here is a free eBook you can download.  Even if you are not doing the challenge, you might find it helpful.

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Birdie said...

My mornings are currently maxed out with a baby (which is soooo lovely!), but I know it won't be long before I need something like this again. Thanks!

Susan (HomeGrownKids) said...

Thanks! I'm going to check it out. I used to be a morning person. I am NOT an evening person. I have been finding ti difficult to get up at 6am, especially in the cooler months. It's supposed to be summer here in Aust but I haven't really felt too much warmth yet.

I'm going to look into it- thanks for the recommendation.

Gillian said...

I was just thinking about this today. I tend to hit the snooze on workdays, so I end up carrying my breakfast to work. I was imagining getting up that half hour earlier, so I could enjoy breakfast, maybe sitting in the comfy chair and reading. It is now one of my goals to do that every day I have to work next week! Those are better days, when I do manage it, since I don't feel so hurried.

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