Sunday, September 03, 2006

Update September 3

I've decided to try this again - using this as a place to keep track of our work. Not daily! I'm thinking about a weekly summary of each kids' progress in various areas.

Our daily planning/recordkeeping now consists of a weekly checklist which I print for the kids. It has all the subject areas they need to work on for the week. J's looks like this:

E Week of:_________________________________________

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] Chores: Clear Table, Make Bed, Clean Up Toys, Dry Dishes, Other as required.

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] Bible____________________________________

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] Catechism________________________________

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] Christian Almanac/Artist&Composer Birthdays

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] Silent Reading__________________________

[] [] [] [] [] Latin

[] [] [] [] Math U See

[] [] [] [] [] Copywork/other writing

[] [] [] Mathematical Reasoning

[] [] [] Spelling Test

[] [] [] History

[] [] Logic or other puzzles

[] [] [] Explode the Code

[] [] [] History of Science

Other Activities________________________________

See, we don't do everything every day. I'm trying for a 4-day "work" week, with a floating day off - and we can do "schoolwork" on Saturday if we end up with empty spaces where checks should be. Each night I will write up a list of my own, of what to do, so I am not bumbling around the house looking for various resources.

It worked for a week. And we have no plans next week so it should work for two!

Anyway, the plan is to consolidate this into a summary which I will keep track of here. So we'll see how this goes. I am optimistic even though everything else I have tried has not worked.

I suppose if my kids produced more "stuff" from our work this wouldn't be a problem. They'd have history and science notebooks full of "stuff" they've done. Problem is they don't like doing "stuff." Coloring pages? Aaahhhh! I should be more diligent with the narrations. They both do very good oral narrations. But written? Too much work for me.

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