Saturday, September 23, 2006

Week of 9/18

A good week.

Bible: continued in Psalms, 1 a day, and read all of 1 Peter. Continuing to memorize Psalm 33. Sunday School has started; I am dubious that any real learning will happen but we'll see.

Reading : each kid reads some in the Nature Reader (J 3, E 2) each day and talks about it. I supppose they are not formal narrations. But they relate back a few facts. Continue to work on Test Prep worksheets for reinforcement. They show reading comprehension is good.

Math: Continuing with MUS (single digit subtraction) and Mathematical Reasoning. Still a struggle. C suggested making a graph so they can see their progress in speeding up on the facts. Haven't done that yet.

Science: Continuing with BF History of Science. Going slowly. The math concepts were way beyong the kids. No experiments this week; we were supposed to do some gravity activities on Friday but went to Costco instead.

History: Working on History Pockets and reading about American history - Jamestown Settlement, John Smith. Old news but still exciting. J loves the history pocket projects.

Spelling: same old same old.

Latin: On lesson 4, still enjoying it.

Copywork/Writing: Still writing out the catechism each day. Also started cursive, which is well-received. J is doing better than expected. E got to "B" and decided she hates it and wants to quit. So we moved on to "C" and will come back to "B" later on...

PE for J, Gymnastics dance for E.

On Saturday, participated in the House of Ruth "Walk for Life" 2mile walkathon.

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