Saturday, September 30, 2006

Week of 9/25

Another pretty good week. Nothing exciting, no new breakthroughs.

Bible: Continued with Psalms and completed 1 and 2 Peter. Catechism #22. Continued to memorize Psalm 33 but are slowing down on that... consistency = 0.

Writing: Still doing copywork and increasing little by little. Cursive is going OK except for the grumbling over "B" and "b." Yes, they are hard... Next week going to start Imitation in Writing: Aesop's Fables. More handwriting practice but also creative writing. I think they will like it if they can get beyond the tedium of holding a pen...

Math: This is getting ridiculous. The math facts are just not sticking. We've started keeping a chart of our math drills - seconds per problem. They are just up and down... it's very discouraging. Both can answer - with difficulty or with the MUS blocks - 7-4=3 but then not relate that to 7-3. Each problem seems to be new and different. Counting by 2s is just eluding E, or she is sandbagging. But why? There can't be any gratification in that. Continuing with Mathematical Reasoning, now on the geometry section. That is fine. Easy, though, I think.

Reading: They are reading the Nature Readers and doing fine. Also doing the Spectrum Test prep and doing fine with comprehension, vocabulary, etc. Started J on The Landing of the Pilgrims (Landmark History, Daugherty) and today got from the library a "girl book" for E, on Colonial America (name escapes me, too lazy to go look). It's one of those diary type things.

Spelling: Oh my. E is doing fine there, J is stumbling still. He doesn't get the rules at all. How many times have we gone over words with the "er" ending - letter, better, etc? He came across "lettr" today in a Spectrum exercise and thought it was spelled correctly.

Science: They still enjoy the History of Science study. We finished Archimedes and the Door to Science yesterday. The experiments are not particularly satisfying nor do they work well. But no matter, they are enjoying it.

Grammar: I added Daily Grams into the mix and they are enjoying that - no writing!

Latin: Still fun. Exciting even: "Libero - I free. Can you come up with any English derivatives?" "Hmm... no... oh! Liberty! Freedom! Liberate!"

History: Wonderful as always. Working on history pockets a couple times a week. E is avoiding the "hard stuff" like the map of Jamestown. Very much enjoying the Genevieve Foster history book The World of Captain John Smith. Unfortunately the next in the series, about William Penn, is out of print and not in the library... need to try interlibrary loan...

Other activities: Last week we had 2 OMSI trips, including one to see the movie Dolphins. Spent most of the time in the ball room. Planted the "Biblical Garden" from grandparents. Fun, quick activity. PE and Gymnastics Dance continue. Today went to the rock and gem show - mostly jewelry, but some interesting fossils and better yet, no begging for stuff, they spent their own money and didn't ask for treats. (We did use our Starbuck's "cool cards" from the summer reading program - good thing too, I hadn't realized they expire today.) Read lots of Coot Club, but not quite enough.

Listened to the audio book The House at Awful End. Very fun. Took the 2 sequels from the library in book form for J to read - not yet. He is burying himself in Tintins.

"Mother Culture:" Ha ha ha. I read Virgin Earth (Philippa Gregory), skimming the last 300 pages or so. Some interesting history, but overshadowed by the bodice-ripper aspect, the annoying characters and the unrealistic scenes. Starting Marriage to a Difficult Man. Submitted a blog post to the CoH, on gaps.

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Hi. I am thinking about using Imitation in Writing next year and came across your blog. I'm going to do a little more searching, but I was wondering if you ended up using it (you were getting ready to at this post) and, if so, how you and your children liked it.
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