Saturday, September 16, 2006

Week of 9/11

This was a pretty good week. Nothing extraordinary, though.

Continued to read Psalms (40 - 43) and began 1 Peter (1:1 - 2:12). Question 20 of Shorter Catechism, which was also their copywork. Memorizing Psalm 33 - up to verse 11 now.

Both have started reading Christian Liberty Nature Readers for silent reading - they read individually and I ask questions about the reading. J is reading #3 and E is reading #2. She told me after her first session that it was boring because she already knew everything it had to say about crabs. A few questions showed her, um, lie. So she continues.

We had a "unit test" in MUS. 48 problems. It took J 50 minutes to complete. He got 100% though... E took not quite as long and got 83%. This is the only area in which I give grades - mainly because they ask for them. I pointed out that in a testing or classroom situation they would not have been given so much time and would have failed. As always we will persevere. Also working on Mathematical Reasoning book a few times a week. Right now it's quite simple - numbers and numeration - but moving into geography soon which will raise J's interest immensely. I figure any exposure to numbers is a good thing.

Have completed lesson 3 in Latin and love it. But it's only lesson 3...

Started cursive writing. As I predicted, J likes it much better than manuscript. But he is only on "I." E started strong but got frustrated on upper-case "I" and wanted to quit.

Studied Jamestown for history. Started the history pockets.

Science - completed lesson 5 in the History of Science. Still very interesting. One of the experiments didn't come out very well, though. A pencil was supposed to float upright in water. It didn't. I find that so often these "simple" experiment just don't work.

Explode the Code is causing real problems. They need the exposure to the phonics rules but it is too simple and juvenile for them now. Will have to look for something else.

Both continue working in their Spectrum Test prep books. We just do a couple of pages, a couple times a week.

Spelling is going OK. Too simple for E, too hard for J.

We also watched a DVD: Coral Reef. That wa the extent of tv/video this week. I had gotten Stuart Little from the library to watch and compare with the book but there hasn't been time yet. Y'day we met some friends at a pizza parlor with a play area.

J has started writing a story using some story-starter cards from his aunt. (Will find the name and update later.) Very cool. But very time-consuming for me as I have to type it all up for him. Need Mavis Beacon now! But that won't help with spelling... J is also doing PE.

E starts gymnastic dance next week. She is crafting like crazy but nothing, um, worthy of keeping yet. She keeps getting craft books from the library but still prefers to do her own thing.

We spent a lot of time organizing craft materials and getting rid of old coloring books and other useless, outgrown stuff. I have a bag of stuff to take to Exodus to sell next week.

A very productive week.

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