Monday, June 09, 2008

One of the really bad things about seminary life...

students graduate, and then leave. This week we are losing 3 couples/families with whom we had become friends through school: a couple from London who are returning home and will have their first baby shortly after getting there. A couple with an 8-month old who are going to England so he can pursue his PhD in theology. A family with a toddler who are off to work upstate.

We'll say we'll stay in touch, and we might for a while. Then we'll send Christmas cards for a few years and then... they'll just be memories.

And then next year more will leave... and then the next... and then it'll be our turn!

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SmallWorld said...

Yes, having lived the graduate school life for 8 years, I can relate to that! We've left behind so many sweet friends, and others have left us. Makes me want to email some old friends right now!