Friday, June 13, 2008

Sorry, Coach, my dog ate my cap.

2 games left in the little league season. The boy, normally careful with his cap, leaves it within reach of the dog while we are out. For a long time. Long enough for the dog to get lonely. And bored.

Now I am not going to pay for a new Dodgers hat with 2 games to go. Some of you may remember my dismay at my boy's assignment to the Dodgers at all. It has been a tough season for all of us. So, no cash for a new cap.

We ripped out some of the stitching and folded back the blue fabric, then cut out some of the bill and glued the fabric down over it. It looks a little odd. But it's workable for the remaining games.

Hey! Maybe our dog is a Giants fan!

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Sheryl said...

Oh my! One of our dogs did the same thing to a cap that Steve got when he was in Hawaii; he was so upset! Fortunately, the store had a website and I was able to order another one for him.

I wonder if the bills of caps taste like rawhide to those critters. (Hmm...are you sure you didn't "flavor" that Dodgers cap with a little hamburger? *grin*)