Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

I've been seeing The Simple Woman's Daybook around the blogs lately and thought I'd do it today. (Though I guess it's a Monday thing.) My brain is swirling with thoughts of gasoline prices, oil in Montana, food prices, high-school AP history projects based on old pop songs, election cynicism... none of which I can properly articulate. So:

For Today:

Outside my window... sunshine, blue sky, green trees, my blue delphinium - a first for me - at our old house the deer munched them.

I am thinking...about how to keep entertained, and what to make for lunch for 3 kids who are visiting for most of the day. It started out with me "babysitting" my kid's friend for 3 hours... then we added some girls for my girl.. then it turned into 4 hours... that's a long playdate.

I am thankful for... my family, my house, my computer, my sanity, my ability to read.

From the kitchen...homemade granola, hot coffee, homemade whole wheat bread.

I am creating... hmmm... sewing ideas for some great fabric we bought. Creating ideas, does that work?

I am going...to stay home all day. We are working to consolidate all car trips into one these days.

I am wearing... Hmm... My usual, t-shirt, cotton pants. Silver hoop earring because I've misplaced all my other pairs.

I am reading...The Penderwick's of Gardam Street, North With the Spring, The Mislabeled Child, Salt, Seeing With New Eyes, and a commentary on Psalm 139. Yes, I'm sure I'll read something in each one today.

I am hoping... that all these kids keep themselves occupied.

I am hearing...chores being completed!

Around the house... decluttering, trying to find a place to sew.

One of my favorite things... having my kids home with me rather than off to school. Though, I admit this day would be less daunting... hmmm....

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... working out transportation to a piano recital and a boy scout event; planning a trip downtown to see a dress rehearsal at the symphony, finishing up our "official school year" and getting my documents ready to drop off at the school district.

I am supposed to put a photo here. Well, when I learn how, I will...

There, that was easy. Writing prompts are nice for those of us who enjoy blogging but don't always have a topic. Here are the guidelines for your own daybook post if you want to participate; please read and follow them. Thanks to Peggy for doing this.

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kerri @ gladoil said...

I wonder if they will let them drill in Montana. Lower gas prices would be so nice. :)
It's nice and sunny here today but we can't get out and enjoy it because we have the flu. :( But it's supposed to be cold all this week.