Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our first big east coast thunderstorm

Living in Oregon as we did before coming to Pennsylvania, my kids had never experienced a real thunderstorm. We'd have a little rumbling and some flashes now and then, but it wasn't the real thing. Last night we got it.

It had been a hot, but not too humid, day. A little after dinner it suddenly got really windy. As in stuff flying around the yard, small branches and leaves hurling off trees. The lights flickered. We shut the computers down. A breaker popped. The clouds came in. The thunder was LOUD! The lightning flashes were quick and bright.

Then the rain came - sheets of it, pounding down. Puddles formed immediately. The street looked flooded and the wind was so high it looked like waves were forming.

And then, within 10 minutes, it was done.


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh those thunderstorms back east are scary! The thunder feels like its in your room. It's incredible!

edwardherda said...

Ahhh. Memories of the east. I miss it. 72 and sunny gets pretty old after a few weeks.

kerri @ gladoil said...

I've been in Oregon all my life, so I've never been in a 'real' storm. But hows the weather over all? I think summer is just being by passed over here..

Marbel said...

72 and sunny... ugh. Must have weather.

The weather here is not bad, mostly. It was not a super-cold winter - only one day of real snow; that was a disappointment. It seems to rain at least as much as Oregon, though I guess the rainy season is not as long. The summers are very hot and humid. Not like Florida or Georgia humid, where the air feels like it's pressing down on you. But July and August have lots of 100 degree days where you feel sticky all the time.

Fall is glorious. There are so many trees here, so it's green like Oregon in the spring/summer but much more lush because there are more deciduous trees. So we get those huge swaths of orange/red/golden leaves in the falls. Of course that means winter is pretty gray. Then, spring is glorious once again because of everything budding out. There are pockets of that in Oregon, but not quite like here.

Overall, I'll take Oregon weather because I do hate the heat and humidity. But, it's livable here.

kerri @ gladoil said...

72 and sunny is ugh? I could do with some 70 degree weather here. The Oregonian is calling it Junuary. I guess it is supposed to warm up a little next week, but everybody is going around with coats on now and I still run the heater quite a bit..

I mean nobody expects a heat wave this time of year, but this is getting silly!

Marbel said...

72 and sunny gets boring. I lived most of my life in California (Silicon Valley) and really, that relentless good weather just got to me. You'd get bored with it, I think.

DADvocate said...

We had a couple of thunderstorms last week that actually scared me. And I love thunderstorms. Torrential rain and lots of wind.