Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back in my working days...

I had zero respect for executives and other high-ranking employees who were consistently late to meetings. No matter how high up the food chain a person is, being late still wastes other peoples' time. And then to have to bring the miscreants up to speed on the already boring and repetitive proceedings! It just reeks of arrogance and self-importance, doesn't it, when someone is always late? It was almost like a badge of honor to be able to get away with being late. "See how important I am, I can't even get here on time and it doesn't matter."

So even if I had been an Obama supporter I think I'd have jumped ship after seeing this one:

via Ace of Spades.

Once when reminiscing about those working days, my girlie (who was maybe 4) asked "Back when you was a man?"

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