Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Where will my children go to college?

Business as Usual on Campus

. . .professor Donald Hindley, on the faculty for 48 years, teaches a course on Latin American politics. Last fall, he described how Mexican migrants to the United States used to be discriminatorily called "wetbacks."

And guess what happened next...


Sandy said...

It seems we have more than one generation in this story that is seriously lackiing in critical thinking skills. It's not enough information to tell whether the student just wanted to cause some trouble, was angry with the teacher, or actually did not understand what was being taught. Did the student become offended and not listen to the rest of what was being said? Did this student not have the thinking skills necessary to take this class? We appear to be losing our ability to process information.

kerri @ gladoil said...

My pastor has been giving sermons on living in exile that have been really helpful to me. We are foreigners in our own country, I'm afraid.

As for college, check out
We have a friend who is using them and at 16 he is just months away from having his degree in aviation technology. I think I will use them for Forrest, hopefully starting next year when he is 15.