Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Most improved player"

That's what my girl's soccer coach called her yesterday. She is, I think, the only first-time player on her team of 4th and 5th grade girls, and is not very good. She's timid and hesitant in her kicking and often seems confused about where to be. Maybe it just seems more obvious because there are several girls who've been playing since age 3. But she loves the game and she is trying hard.

Yesterday she scored her first goal, to tie the game. I showed my true colors as a bad mom, zoning out and not really paying attention till I heard the cheering. I could see my girl was close to the action and quietly asked who made that goal, muttering that it couldn't have been my girl. Then I realized it was her!

She floated all the way home. I think this will give her the boost she needs to spend more time at home practicing.

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Marchelle said...

Yeah for Miss E!

Tell her R says, "Go E. We are applauding from here."

We all think of your family often and pray that God really will bring you back to Oregon someday.