Thursday, October 09, 2008

Why do I assume objectivity?

Today in the car I found myself listening to NPR. We were on the way home from my kid's ADHD therapy and I was flipping stations. When I heard that they were going to speak with the Secretary of State of Ohio about voter registration, my ears perked up. Ohio recently had a week or so when people could register and vote on the same day. A news report on this went 'round the net because volunteers were rounding up homeless people and taking them to register and vote. There were concerns that people could vote even though ineligible, or vote more than once because they were using shelters as temporary addresses to register.

I was listening carefully, waiting to hear the NPR guy ask how they were going to verify the registrations of people without an address. He had his chance: Secretary Brunner explained the verification process, which includes sending a letter to the address on the verification form. If the letter comes back, they know there's a problem with the registration. So, a simple question: how would that work when the letter goes to a homeless shelter and the person is not there anymore?

Well, he didn't ask. Now this is supposed to be an astute news guy who has already researched this issue and should know more about it than me, a suburban homeschooling mom/housewife. But no. The question did not come up.

My head was ready to explode. It was all I could do to keep myself from screaming "ask her the question!" But there we were, on the way home from the neurobehavioral specialist with whom my kid spends 2 hours each week learning how to train his brain to pay attention, live in the moment, and control his responses to situations that cause him stress or make him angry. Mom is learning to control herself too.

But it still makes me angry. Then, there was a teaser for an upcoming segment: responding to reports about offensive comments from people attending McCain/Palin rallies. Not from the candidates, from the people attending. Oh, come on. As if no one ever made offensive comments about the Republicans at any Obama rallies?

When I had the chance to rant to the seminarian about it, he just said "you're assuming objectivity from these people." Oh, silly me.


DADvocate said...

Great minds thinks alike. :-)

Interesting "interview." The Dems complained loudly about Ken Blackwell, the previous Ohio Sec. of State. Investigations showed no wrong doing on his part or by Republicans but there was some by Dems. Now we have a Dem Sec. of State and she has proven to be every thing the Dems complained of and then some.

Ken Blackwell was on FoxNews this evening discussing the ACORN problems.

edwardherda said...

Yeah. NPR can be a joke sometimes. If they would stick to Car Talk and A Prairie Home Companion I'd be much happier.

While living in NYC I spent a fine afternoon, sipping beverages on a patio, in Union Square during the Republican National Convention. As one might imagine, there were many Dem protesters who I'd say were pretty obnoxious. Yeah, people with subjective opinions can be pretty dang annoying.