Thursday, October 16, 2008

Will Obama be your President?

Though I am still optimistic about a non-Obama Presidency, I am thinking ahead to my response on November 5 if he does win. I need to know what to say to my children, and how to say it. Since they were born I've not had such serious reservations about a candidate. Of course they were a little young to even notice previous elections. Now, they know who we support but we don't talk about the details too much.

Well, sort of. Yesterday on a long car ride we (the boy and I; my girlie zones out of these conversations) talked a bit about economic policies. I asked what makes more sense for the government to do about taxes for a wealthy person who owns a business: have him pay high taxes so the government can give the money to poor people, or have him pay lower taxes so he can expand his business and maybe hire some people to work for him.

"Low taxes so he can hire people and give people something productive to do." (That may not be the exact quote but the "something productive" part is, for sure. We use the word productive around here a lot, sometimes when confessing our lack of productivity.) I don't remember the rest of the conversation. Of course we acknowledged that there will always be people who can't work, or can't work at jobs that pay a lot and thus must be helped. (At one time this was done by the family and the church, not the government. )

"But just giving people money even if they don't work is (dramatic rise of voice): communism!"

Anyway, I came across this via Instapundit and really like this philosophy:


You can talk about “voter fraud” and “stealing elections” all you want but the fact remains that if Obama is certified by the electoral college and the House of Representatives as President of the United States, that ends the discussion in our republic. There is no more important aspect of democracy than the minority accepting the will of the majority. The constitution gives the minority certain protections against getting steamrolled by the majority. But it doesn’t give the minority the right to torpedo the legitimacy of the winner.

This is more than a question of “fair play” or being a “sore loser.” The Constitution says we have only one president at a time. Given the importance of that office, it is stark raving lunacy to seek to destroy the man occupying it.

The fact that the Democrats and the left have acted like 2 year olds the last 8 years doesn’t mean that if Obama is elected we should throw the same infantile tantrums and look for ghosts in the machine – or accuse the opposition of foul play without a shred of physical proof, only the paranoid imaginings whipped up by people who knew exactly what they were doing – undermining the legitimacy of the elected leader of the United States government.

Today an NPR announcer (why do I do this to myself) made a sneering comment about conservatives threatening to leave the country if Obama is elected, and went on, with apparently no sense of irony, to talk about people who left the US when Bush came into office, and are now thinking maybe they can come back.

Update: Another point of view on the topic.

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