Monday, June 01, 2009

First day of summer schedule

Homeschool schedule, that is.

We finished our academic year last week, just before Grandparents came to visit. So that was vacation... and now we're on summer schedule, which we'll follow till July 1.

About an hour of "schoolwork" each day: math, composition, phonics, stuff like that. Things we must keep up or they will be lost. Regular chores because laundry and dishes and bathroom cleaning never go away. Piano lessons and practice. And then...

Drawing, reading, playing games, trying out fun experiments, and just messing around. Unless we're going to swimming lessons, or (less frequent) therapy appointment, or the park, the library, or some other interesting place we've been wanting to see (or wanting to see again) but haven't had time to.


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G said...

Sounds similar to our summer schedule! We're taking this week off completely (mainly because I am covering for the Natural Foods manager at work and have an insane number of hours to work), and then next week, its summer!