Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is it really comedy?

I don't care much about David Letterman; if I am awake when he is on, I am doing something other than watching tv. I didn't know about his crass comments about Sarah Palin and her daughter till I saw comments on various websites about it. How people can say "hey, it's just comedy" is beyond me.

I like Victor Davis Hanson's take:

Two of the rhetorical cornerstones of the feminist movement used to be zero-tolerance for sexual slurs by men alleging promiscuity ("slutty flight-attendant look"), and jokes about something as serious as rape (e.g., Palin's 14-year-old daughter "knocked up by Alex Rodriguez"). David Letterman, who has become ever more creepy in his dotage, on both counts proved a boor — and receives only silence?

Of course feminism isn't about all women, and never has been; just certain types of women - of which Palin is not.

What an ugly culture we have become. And using the excuse that "it's just comedy" is really, well, inexcusable.

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