Saturday, June 06, 2009

Playoffs? No one said there would be playoffs!

Little League season ended last week. Yea! Our boy had a great time - and showed enormous improvements in skill since last year - but we were ready for it to be over.

But our team ended up in first place and then we started hearing the word playoffs. What?! More games? My girl's heart sank. Mine did too. From what I could see when we first heard the word "playoffs," so did many others.

It's fun to be on a winning team. But, there are other things on the calendar now. Post-season play shouldn't have to come as an unwelcome surprise. No one knew at the start of the season which teams would be at the top of the standings, so all parents should have been advised of the possibility of post-season play.

The schedule of games arrived last night and it's OK; we can make every one. But if the rain comes as forecast, some games are likely to be postponed. Then we get into the weekend of the much-anticipated Scout canoe trip. There is no question in the boy's mind which he will do: the canoe trip wins. "My patrol leader is counting on me." I don't disagree with his choice to go with the Scouts. That group is likely to be a bigger, more important, and longer-lasting part of his life than his Little League team. Still, it will be hard to walk away from a championship game if it comes to that. The dad of another scout on his team says it's a no-brainer: the canoe trip will happen again next year; being top of the league won't. Eh, maybe so.

I'm predicting a few sleepless nights and stomach aches for my boy. He doesn't do well when things are not predictable. And he doesn't want to let anyone down.

Ah, growing up!

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Sandy said...

I've found that this overlap of activities is inevitable, once you get into two or more activities. And having more than one child adds to the mix as well. Hope it all goes smoothly for you.