Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Miscellaneous election ramblings

This bit from Commentary cracked me up last night:

From GOP tech-meister Patrick Ruffini: “The racist teabaggers have elected Marco Rubio, and Susana Martinez, and Tim Scott, and Nikki Haley, and Bill Flores, and Allen West, and…”
While liberals scream "racist" at everyone who disagrees with them, conservatives are going about their business, electing the people they believe are competent, and trying to build the color-blind society everyone says they want.


I lived in California when Jerry Brown was governor.  I don't remember much about him - I wasn't really paying attention then - but I am pretty sure he was governor the year I got an IOU instead of a check for my state tax refund.

But I wonder about feminists who complain about the lack of women in high office.  I bet there are a few in California (insert snort of derision here).  They had a chance to elect a competent woman governor last night.  Why didn't they?

My email to my new Republican governor this morning:  "Congratulations.  Now call Chris Christie."  I bet I won't be the only one.  I'd love to see some of what's going on in NJ happen over here.


Cheryl said...


Crystal Jeffers said...

competent candidate? there was a female competent candidate in the elections last night?

Marbel said...

there was a female competent candidate in the elections last night?

Certainly more competent than Jerry "I didn't have a plan" Brown.

Kerri said...

And we got Kitzhaber. Really? Again? I just think there must be something in the water in Oregon.. In Portland rather. It makes me just sick. And Ron Wyden too. Yuck. I'm happy about the national picture, but majorly bummed with the local.