Monday, November 01, 2010

NaNoWriMo: Day One

It hasn't actually started yet because the kids are still asleep.  But here is our plan for the day:

- A hearty breakfast of oatmeal and cheater's cinnamon buns (made with biscuit rather than yeast dough).

- Bible study time, because we can't throw everything away today.  But that is the only schoolish thing we will do. 

- Gather by the computer to write our first sentences.  The kids get the cute, fun, Dana keyboards and I get the desktop.  We will start off together, then most likely the kids will find cozy writing nooks of their own.  That's how things tend to go, anyway.

- A festive lunch.  Of what, I don't know yet.  I may run out for a frozen pizza.

- I'm sure they'll want to update their word counts frequently.  You can see mine on the sidebar. The kids are signed up with the Young Writer's Program which doesn't have a widget for the blog.   Too bad, and something I'll suggest for next year.

- We'll be making lots of tea.  And since we can't write all day I'll do some reading aloud, we'll go for a few walks to stretch our legs, and I'm sure someone will be asking for a little x-box time.

I'll update again at the end of the day!


Sheryl said...

Happy writing! :-)

Birdie said...

I hope all goes well with the writing at your house! I have only one child participating this year.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I have been reading your posts about this all along and keep meaning to comment and keep getting distracted. Ooh, shiny!

I am also glad to have a blog friend working on this as well. :-)

Sandy said...

As of now I think the server is jammed with traffic, so my kids can't log on. They're keeping up with their word counts at home though. So far, so good.