Thursday, November 04, 2010

NaNoWriMo: Uh oh.

I did almost no writing today.  I'm not sure how badly I missed the daily goal of 1667 words because I never did record my ending count last night.  As of this minute my total is 8826.

But, I knew there would be days like this so I purposely got ahead of my required daily word count.  I should still be able to get to 12,500 words by Sunday night, which will be the end of the first week. 

At least, I hope so.  Saturday night could be a long one...

Kids are doing fine on their stories. My boy is going camping this weekend so he may end up behind by Sunday night. But he'll pick up again next week.  My girl is cruising along and is probably close to 30% done already.

We haven't been doing a good job keeping up our daily record-keeping.  This was supposed to have a graphing project attached to it.  Tomorrow we'll do it.  Yeah, we will.

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