Thursday, January 12, 2006

1/11 - 1/12

Reading is going so well. It seems like not so long ago I was so worried. J still misses so many little words like a, the, and... Don't know if that will ever get better. He also makes subtitutes so the sentence makes sense. Usually it works out OK, but sometimes missing or otherwise messing around with those little words can make a big change in the sentence meaning. But he is coming along pretty well.

They are both loving reading the Bible! We have been on the Sermon on the Mount and reading just a few beatitudes each day, and discussing them. I am hoping they can memorize that section of the Bible and recite to C. Also Psalm 33 has captured them and they fight over who will read next!

For our history reading, and pleasure reading too, we have The Monk Who Shook the World - Martin Luther by Cyril Davey. Great book.

For science we are reading about the Periodic Table, elements, etc. Have not done but one science experiment but we have the book so will do more next week. Picked up several chemistry "browsing books" from the library which J will surely get into.

My own reading... 2 more chapters of Daughter of Time. Maybe I just don't like this book. There are some comments there about the martyrdom of the Scottish Covanenters tht are bothering me - basically saying that no such martyrs exist. So something else to research.

Have not picked up The Genesis Question in ages.

Keeping up with the TableTalk readings but not the Bible in a year readings. Just about 1 day behind.

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Anonymous said...

For a good book book discussing the Scottish Covenanters: Fair Sunshine by Jock Purves, from Banner of Truth Trust.