Tuesday, January 10, 2006

1/6 - 1/10

Checklists are working well. Reading is going well too. Both kids read every night and are reading their ESV Bibles (not dumbed down).

J read George the Drummer Boy by N. Benchley and not only enjoyed it, but got it.

Handwriting is not going too well; moved copywork or "other writing" to a daily task. J is having trouble writing his own name w/out a mistake!

My own reading is not going well either. Bible Study starts next week. Have gotten a little further in The Daughter of Time but so slowly that I am forgetting characters. Stopped completely on Genesis question. One day behind on Tabletalk/Bible. Ah well. Blogging a lot.

Today we saw the play Charlotte's Web. Very well done, all enjoyed it. Wrecked our school day, though.

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