Monday, January 16, 2006

1/13 - 1/16

Progressing very slowly through Math. I despair of J ever being fluent with his facts. E says it's too hard but seem insincere. I think she just doesn't like it.

The Bible reading is going very well. I think they will have the Beatitudes memorized soon.

New read-aloud for history is The Monk Who Shook the World (Martin Luther). New "fun" book is The Garden Behind the Moon by Howard Pyle.

My own reading is dismal. The Daughter of Time goes slowly. Bible study starts tomorrow so all my time will be tied up in that now. Trying to keep up w/TableTalk and doing OK with that, mostly, but not with the Bible-in-a-year reading.

Otherwise, checklists are up to date and working well.

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