Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year, New Methods

Today we started up again, with another new routine. Maybe this one will stick. Maybe not. The good part is that the kids can see each day what they need to do, and maybe take more responsibility for it, and for keeping track of it. I hope to get out of the need to track everything here daily, but use this venue to record more general comments. And the reading.

We're now on a 4-day week, mostly. I do want to keep Friday free, and maybe having that will help everyone keep on track the other 4 days. So:

1. Every Day
Chores (some tbd, but clearing table, making bed, keeping room clean etc)
Christian Almanac/Artists calendar/composer birthdays
Maps Charts and Graphs for J, other puzzle book for E

2. M/T/W/Th
Math U See, Math Detective, Math Daily Warmups
Reading Aloud
Greek/Latin Words
Silent Reading

3. M/W
Explode the Code
Editor in Chief

4. T/Th
Spelling Test
Spectrum Test Prep

The other part of this - each item has a line for the child to fill in something about what they did. So, for today's history, they wrote "Cortes." For catechism: "Q. 98." Etc. I can create a binder for this and there are my records.

Can I keep it up?

Now, I do want to keep track of reading, theirs and mine. So:

J: The Case of the Missing Monkey - C Rylant
Parts of Matthew 1
Maps Charts and Graphs lesson 8
Math Warmups

E: Henry and Mudge and the Snowman Contest
Parts of Matthew 1

M: Matthew 1 and 2
Genesis 1 - 5
few pages of Daughter of Time
Tabletalk for today
Part of Chapter 1 of Pursuit of Holiness

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