Thursday, January 05, 2006

1/4 and 1/5

So easy to get behind. The checklists are still working. Kids are still reading in bed in am and pm when they get to bed early enough.

J is still working on "classic starts" Robin Hood. Not sure what E is reading. She seems to be like me - dipping in and out of things, never finishing. Maybe she finished Absolutely Lucy.

My reading is not going so well. Had kept up w/Table Talk and daily Bible till today. Woke up to dirty dishes all over the kitchen so that took over my morning. Read another few pages of Daughter of Time. It is a good book, and not as hard to follow as I recall. Still, it would be better to be able to just sit down and read for 1/2 an hour.

Must get to bed earlier each night as 6:30 comes way too early. Also must get to exercising again as weight is bad.

We finished Heidi today. They loved it, of course.

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