Friday, January 27, 2006

1/24 - 1/27

Have been doing pretty well on reading each day, along with keeping up the checklists. As usual we fall short on science. I don't understand why as the kids love experiments. But we never, or rarely, seem to get to them.

Lots of discussions about the Reformation as that's our time in history now. We read about Katherine von Bora (M. Luther's wife) in Heroes of God by Katie and Dan Montgomery. Also read about Michelangelo (M. Venezia) and Leonardo Da Vinci - J read M. Venezia's book on him. J is very excited to start studying LdV, as there is a box of "stuff" related to him waiting for us to get to him in history. Well, we are there. We also read a story about him in the Montgomery book.

In science I plan to continue using the "True Book" series and Usborne to learn about the elements, and Usborne to learn about compounds and mixtures. I do want to do more experiments.

Reading is going pretty well. Still struggling with writing. I do want to start some sort of creative writing activities but am at a loss of how to implement with my reluctant writers.

Today (1/27) - Mozart's birthday. We didn't do much as we went to the A. C. Gilbert Discovery Village in Salem. Listened to the radio broadcast of a concert in Salzburg, and heard the bells ringing at the moment of M's birth - every church in Salzburg! Rather thrilling. We have a book or two and a cd or two that I hope to get to tomorrow.

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