Thursday, January 19, 2006

1/17 - 1/19

Very pleased with our Bible reading - the kids are actually eager to read each day. Of course now they sometimes argue over who got to read more. Arrgghhh. J as always gets a lot out of the Bible but the application is still not there. Tomorrow we start the Mat 5 section on anger. We'll have to take that one very slowly...

Today we finished The Monk Who Shook The World by Cyril Davey. They loved it, of course. Moved on in SOTW to read about Henry VIII. I don't plan to spend much time on him as the kids know enough for their ages. They are excited about getting to the Renaissance and Leonardo etc.

I'm pretty satisfied with our checklist system. Today we made another adjustment and moved the Bible reading to the very first thing. I think that helped, though before we were finished E started complaining of hunger. So we didn't do our prayer checklist, which should not slip either. And when it was time to write up the science experiment, J lost it because it was too much writing. So I am not sure what to do about that. They did a spelling test today which, to him, is a ton of writing. 25 whole words. Oh my! The horror. It didn't help that I packed up all the science library books in my own little fit. I didn't get angry, but it seems a waste to do the experiments etc if the kids don't care that much.

My own reading continues to suffer badly. Tonight I was going to start working on Sarah's bunting, since tomorrow is her birthday, but another late night for E so that didn't get done either. I've been at loose ends with C out and not feeling great - the GERD contributes to my anxiety, which affects the GERD, which contributes... arrggh again. I am keeping up on the daily TT but forget the novel - think I read a chapter y'day - and keeping up on the OT daily reading but not the NT.

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