Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blessings abound

Today the phone rang and an unfamiliar voice asked for my husband. I handed it over and as he talked it became obvious that he was talking to someone from the seminary to which we are moving. He kept sounding happier and happier and saying things like "wow, that's great!" "Oh, yeah, that's fantastic!" He talked a little about our family and the kids.

(One of the concerns we've had about moving - one of the many - was how we'd get all our stuff unloaded off the truck. We're not driving u-haul but we're doing the loading and unloading - the moving company does the driving. We've got plenty of help here but didn't know how to recruit people at the other end. Our realtor out there said she'd look into something but hasn't gotten back to me about it.)

OK, so when the future seminarian gets off the phone, he says "well, we've got help unloading!"

The call was from someone at the seminary, assigned to call him and (presumably) other incoming students to check on them and see if they any kind of assistance. They have people ready to help out with unloading and moving in. Other families stand by to invite newbies over for dinner.

Wow, that is fantastic!

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BeccaBeard said...

That's so cool! I'm excited for you guys! Being a "back east" girl, I kinda wish it was our family moving to PA!