Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Where do you find books?

My friend Norwezter asked me where I find books. Short answer: I dunno... they just seem to appear!

OK. I do browse the library a lot. Ours has a shelf of new books and I'll always take a look. A lot of stuff in the public library is junky, but there are always some gems. I think that's where I first came across the "Green Knowe" books.

The "Hall Family Chronicles" (books by Jane Langton) came to me via Daedalus Books which is a remainder catalog which often has great finds. I found a couple of titles super cheap there and we're filling in with library copies.

Blogs are another great place to find books. I just take note of books that seem interesting and look for them at the library. My list of books (and dvds) to look for is here. It's not at all organized. Some blogs at which I find book ideas: Smallworld, The Common Room, Instapundit, Books for Kids Blog.

Sometimes I get my recommendations from my favorite homeschool message board: Homeschool Fellowship. This group of homeschooling moms (and one dad) offer great homeschooling support and, sometimes, book recommendations.

If I'm in a bookstore and see something interesting, I'll take note of it and look it up at the library. I've gotten more picky about books as our collection has grown and finances have shrunk. I remember a time I'd pick up a few paperback novels at Borders or Barnes and Noble without even thinking about it. This was before kids when it seemed there was money to burn! Most of those books have been sold or donated by now. Very little contemporary fiction is worth reading once; forget about rereading!

One place I rarely find books is on bestseller lists. Usually if a book is really popular, I'll hate it.

Where do you find books?


norwezter said...

Exodus. :)

And the library here in Oregon City has a lot of OOP books that I like to find, like Louis Lenski stuff.

Also The Book Peddler, sometimes Timberdoodle..

But I had never heard of Swallows and Amazons until you mentioned it,(I think we need to try those.) nor The Green Knowe. We seem to get a lot of historical fiction. Especially British.

Margaret said...

Oh! (slaps forehead) Of course! That literature bookcase is to die for, isn't it? I will miss that a lot when we move. So much great stuff in one place. One of my fantasies is to just call Eli and say "one of each please" and have him ship them to me. In the fantasy there'd either be no bill, or I could pay it...