Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Moving plans

A couple of people have asked about our moving plans. We are in the process of fixing up and packing up the house. We've been blessed with a wonderful family to live in our house for the 3-4 years we'll be in PA. After graduation, we hope to come back to Oregon - as long as there is something here for the Seminarian to do! So we are really hoping we can keep our house here so we can come home.

However, we know that God may have other plans for our family so we're not promising anyone (the kids) anything in that regard.

We're doing a "u-pack" move which means that a trucking company will drop a big trailer in our driveway and we will fill it up. They will come 3 days later and take it away for us. 6 days after that, they'll drop it off at our new house, where we will have 3 days to unload! We've already been contacted by some folks at the seminary with offers of help to unload.

Our plan is to leave on July 12. We will be driving mostly along Highway 80, going through Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana (?), Ohio, and Pennsylvania! Hoping to find something fun (and short!) to do every day to keep the kids from getting too stir crazy in the car. (Ideas welcome!) Hoping to find hotels with pools! Planning on a couple of days in Dayton OH so the boys can visit the Air Force museum. The girls will have to find something else to do. Also planning a day in NW PA to visit my aunt!

OK, that was a quick post; break's over, time to get back to work. Can someone please tell me where I left the rake?

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