Thursday, June 14, 2007

Starbucks VISA card?!

I have all the credit cards I need right now, but I have to admit the offer of a Starbucks VISA seems mighty attractive right now. $25 to spend at Starbucks just for getting a new credit card! What a deal! The offer arrived in my mailbox while I was scraping away at some nasty old caulk that I'm finally getting around to removing from my shower, after it's bothered me for about 9 years. Oh well, our lovely tenants will enjoy the new caulk. Or, to be more precise - they won't notice the new caulk. Which is as it should be.

Hm, I think there's some of the morning coffee left in the thermos... it's only about 3 hours old... who needs Starbuck's anyway?

1 comment:

CreditAnalyzer said...

It is an attractive credit offer. For those who like coffeee. Well, I don't. What a dissapointment for Visa and Starbucks!:)