Thursday, June 21, 2007

New name

I changed my "screen name" today. A blog I like to read and comment on had a very energetic discussion going on today, and another blogger named Margaret was quite active posting. Rather than try to explain that I'm not "that Margaret" (since our views on the topic are widely divergent) I decided to change my name to something not so common. I was surprised that Blogger allows the same screen name on two blogs. Oh well, no big deal. Margaret is a dull name anyway, even though it's my own!

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kerri said...

I like the name Margaret. It's one of my girl's middle name-after my grandmother. I think it's old fashioned but dignified. :)

I had that happen once too. And most with my name don't spell it like I do, and she even did it all lower cases like I do. Wierd feeling to wonder if other people were thinking we were one-in-the-same.