Saturday, January 24, 2009

Library Loot 1/24

We hit 3 libraries this week. Even though we can request any book from our county-wide system and pick it up at the library of our choice, I love to go to different libraries. It is such fun to browse different shelves and we always, always find something in the new or featured books. Even when we travel we visit libraries, though we can't check out the books. We just make note of them to get when we return home.

This was a big movie week. For some reason we ended up with 6 movies. There is no way we can watch them all before they are due. I think we'll stick with Kit Kittredge: An American Girl for this week because it had a long queue and I won't want to wait again. We also have Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front, and Nim's Island, and a couple others. I'll add them to the list to get again.

I picked up Gideon, the Cutpurse and The Hound of Rowan: Book One of the Tapestry on a whim to check out for my boy. The first is a time-travel book, a genre which he has enjoyed lately. Also The Cabinet of Wonders, which I think I found via this meme. All fantasies, whichi s not usually his thing, but they seem to be worth a look. The boy also grabbed Graphic War which has kept him quite absorbed.

My girl grabbed The Michael's Book of Paper Crafts, Mary Engelbreit's Sweet Treats Dessert Cookbook, The Most Wonderful Dollhouse Book, and Beading for the First Time. Yes, she is a crafty girl. Don't worry, she has plenty of real reading material from previous trips and in our own collection.

As always I picked up quite a few that I won't finish before they are due: Anathem by Neal Stephenson, which I saw on the new shelf and brought home for the seminarian; he likes this author but doesn't have time for reading right now so there was no sense in me bringing it. I still need to read his Baroque Cycle but they are just too big, too much for me at this time, when I have to snatch little reading breaks. Also Liquid Land: A Journey Through the Florida Everglades, Hitler's Empire: How the Nazis Ruled Europe, and Homeschooling, A Family's Journey.

Wildlife of Pennsylvania and the Northeast rounds out our picks for this week.

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Eva said...

I loved time travel books when I was younger, and I still do! Has your son read Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander? It was one of my favourites. :)