Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The CAPD Test and homeschooling validation

My boy had a session with an audiologist today to determine the presence of Central Auditory Processing Disorder (which we suspected based on previous testing). I don't have the full report yet, but we were told:

- he behaved very well, was helpful and patient throughout the 2 hours of testing.

- he has problems related to phonemic awareness and "hearing" the vowels in words.

- he got really tired and frustrated from all the sounds coming at him.

- he would not have done well in a classroom situation with the competing voices and noises.

- he is left-brained and needs some more right-brained activities to balance him out. Hello, music lessons - she specifically said piano, which works since we have a piano and a piano teacher. But this is kind of funny to me because we had been convinced he is right-brained and worked off that assumption for a while...

- he might benefit from speech therapy as that would help him learn to hear the sounds of words better.

Now I don't understand that last one quite yet, and I haven't seen the written report. But I admit I was thrilled to hear that learning in the home, not the classroom, has been "the best place for him to be." Yes, that is a direct quote.

I don't know any homeschool moms who don't second-guess themselves sometimes. A child with learning disabilities can amp up the insecurity and second-guessing. It's good to have confirmation that we're doing something right, even if we focused on the wrong half of the brain.


Ami said...

Perhaps if you look at it this way (which I think is the ONLY way to look at it...) you were focused on your SON.

A school would not have been, no matter how good their intentions.

I hope that going through the testing will give you some direction, but if you ask me (you didn't) you're quite obviously on the right track.

G said...

Nice to get some outside validation! And it's good that you know more about the problems, as that allows you to address/work with them more directly.

And I agree with Ami - you were focused on your SON!

edwardherda said...

Now, didn't I say music a long time ago :P

Marbel said...

Ami and G, thanks for your sweet comments!

Edward, indeed you did! Hey, you have been missing for a while, good to see you back!

kerri @ gladoil said...

It sounds pretty workable, doesn't it? It must be nice to get down to specific answers.

I have to laugh at your wine post, though! I've always taken our 3.99deals at Grocery Outlet so for granted!

Mrs. Darling said...

Well at least now you know more what you're working with. Those tests are so hard on the kids but I know I felt totally relieved to have something concret to work off of!