Saturday, August 30, 2008

If I hear " heartbeat away..." one more time...

well, I don't know what I'd do. But it's making me crazy.

I can't stop thinking about Sarah Palin as VP. I admit I had not really known anything about her. I guess I had a vague idea that Alaska had a pretty sharp female governor. Her supposed lack of experience does not worry me. I do agree with those who are saying she has more executive experience than Obama.

Last night I spent some time looking for reactions by conservative Christian women. I was right in guessing that some would not be happy about McCain's pick. Who's taking care of those kids, especially that baby? Should a woman be in authority over men? I am disturbed by women who say they won't vote in this election. People you have got to vote! And while I believe, in theory, in "voting your conscience" even if that means a third-party candidate, as a practical matter it's just not helpful. I voted Libertarian a few times. Now I see that there is too much at stake to vote for a candidate who can't win.

But I also saw some people talking about this woman being brought forward "for such a time as this." (That's a reference to the Old Testament book of Esther. Great book, check it out.) To imagine a staunchly pro-life, family-loving woman in a high position in government... almost seems providential. Another blogger is excited about the effect Mrs. Palin's candidacy may have on peoples' perception of Down Syndrome babies.

This morning while I was walking the dog I was pondering all this, and I suddenly thought about Christians who think it's fine for a mother to leave her children in boarding school or with other relatives to go work in the mission field. It seems like to some folks, abandoning the kids in order to do "God's work" is OK, but having childcare while doing some other kinds of work is evil. Of course that assumes that only direct ministry work is "God's work." I don't happen to agree with that. All work can be God's work if it is done with his glory in mind.

Of course I am also a person who believes that God is sovereign and it is he who raises up and brings down nations. He graciously allows us to participate in this (that's why you need to vote!) but ultimately we will get the government we deserve (who said that first, anyway?). And if we are worried about God's curse, what is worse: a woman who gets help caring for her kids, including her Down Syndrome baby, or a guy who would have supported her in aborting her baby, maybe even letting him die if the abortion failed? That is not necessarily a rhetorical question, if you are of a mind to comment on it.

Well, that's enough of my thoughts, scattered as they are. Here is some Mark Steyn for some more cogent thoughts on the topic.


Mrs. Darling said...

All I can say is that I am thrilled with sara palin on the ticket. Can you imagine what that could mean if she gets in office? It boggles the brain. We have not had such a conservative in years!!! I am praying for this election like none other!

DADvocate said...

I just wrote about the "heartbeat" question too. Jees. The insipidness of these people drives me crazy. Palin comes close to being ideal liberated woman but she's not one of them.