Thursday, August 14, 2008

On a roll - one more Dad memory

Just can't stop myself.

When we moved from upstate New York to California, he carried along the old snow shovel. We had had a long driveway - we'd lived in the suburbs when that meant a house on 2 acres - and he had to shovel that thing to get to work. We must have had a few shovels, but I just remember the one. He hung it in the garage and said that whenever he got homesick, he'd just go look at that shovel and feel better about leaving his hometown and moving someplace warmer.

I doubt he spent a lot of time being homesick. Our move meant a large increase in responsibility at work, and pay to go along with it. He was practical, even if also a little sentimental.

Now I have that shovel. It's not very good, compared to newer ones. Kind of weak. But it's a family heirloom.

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