Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some Palin-related links

Well all weekend I have been snatching bits of time to collect Palin-related links, only to come home from the grocery store ($115 poorer, even with the $5 off $40 coupon, but having scored loads of cheap meat) and learn the new big news about the teen pregnancy in the fam.

The pregnancy story bothers me a lot. But I am optimistic about the possibilities here. Certainly the Palins are going to be living out their faith in a very public way. The seminarian expressed optimism (oh yeah) that this won't turn into a big deal because the press always stays away from the candidates' kids. I'm sure they will this time. Right?

Well, I was just about done so what the heck, maybe people who actually did something fun this weekend instead of gobble up news stories might be interested:

From Hot Air: Desperation from Democrats

From NOW: A press release reminding women that when they mean "women's rights" they really just mean the right to an abortion. (Found at Right on the Left Coast.)

Semi-related to that - I think it's funny how some people are gushing over Mrs. Palin's courage in not aborting her last baby even though she knew he had Down Syndrome. I guess they can't comprehend that for some people, killing the baby is simply not an option under consideration.

Sandy at Falling Like Rain has some comments about abortion. The links she provides might be interesting to you too, particularly if you are a Christian woman on the fence about a working mom in a high position in government.

Douglas Wilson is pastor of a Reformed church in Moscow, ID. I don't agree with every word that comes out of his mouth, though his books on marriage and childrearing are excellent. I enjoyed his comments on Mrs. Palin. Read all the way to the end! The reference to Deborah can be found in Judges 4.

The Democracy Project has 10 reasons Sarah Palin is a good pick.

City Journal's Heather MacDonald has concerns about upping the diversity ante: can we ever have an all-white-male ticket again?

And finally, Scrappleface on the teen pregnancy story. (Just so you know - it's a satire site.)


Sandy said...

Wow. I didn't know about her daughter until I saw your links. This will be more fuel on the fire of the Christian women who are already adamant that she's a bad mother. She will surely get the blame for 'letting' her daughter get pregnant. I hate to say it, but this could turn into a real mess if there are any more surprises. I may have to look into New Zealand myself. ;)

edwardherda said...

I can only hear the Republicans going off on "family values", had Palin been chosen as the Democratic candidate, in my mind as I drift into a non-partisan dream state—Rush, Bill and all your favorite blowhards, tonight on Fox News.

Marbel said...

All whose favorite blowhards? And who is Bill?

edwardherda said...

Well, not yours ... but, you know, all those people (points). And Bill refers to Mr. O'Reily.