Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tomorrow my head might explode. Or maybe the world will end.

Our church is having a Vacation Bible School tomorrow, and our whole family is participating: the seminarian is running sound and games (with the boy's help), I am running the crafts, and the girl is a regular participant. I generally dislike VBS, despite the fact that it was at our first ever VBS that we met our favorite unrelated family. (Hi guys! Remember "the naughty boy?") But I guess if we were meant to be friends, it could have happened without a VBS. We are participating now because a friend is organizing it, we have no reason not to, and we like to support the activities of our church. None of us are really looking forward to it. The boy is extremely happy he can be a helper now and not have to sing the dippy songs, but he'd rather stay home and play with the dog and read Harry Potter, which he is blasting his way through now. The girl would rather do just about anything than learn those songs.

But it might not matter because the world could end tomorrow. I was given a copy of the Bible memorization passages today, complete with hand movements. No VBS is complete without lots of hand movements. Anyway, the daily memory verses are from Psalm 100, a reasonable choice.

The first day's verse and hand movements go like this:

Shout (cup hands to mouth, say "shout" loudly)
for joy to the Lord (point index finger to sky)
all the earth. (clasp hands above head in circle)

Picture those hand signs, or do them right now. If you need help with the last one, you can see what it looks like here.


Sheryl said...

" can see what it looks like here."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You're so bad! :-D

I was never too thrilled with VBS either. I just don't work well with little kids, and that's always such an exhausting week for everybody.

When the church secretary used to call here (because I hadn't signed up to participate)to ask what I would like to do to help out, I got so that I would say,"I'll send cookies!"

It met a need and I could stay home, so we were all happy! ;-)

Mrs. Darling said...

Okay I dont know if you meant this to be half as funny as I found it to be! Just imagine doing that goofy stuff at grown up lady's conferences! Yeah, thats what we have to do. I hate it. I havent taught VBS for three years now. I started teaching when I was 14. I feel like I put in my time already! :)

Lauren @ Thingish Things said...

Hi, Margaret!

Don't know if you've seen this blog or not, but I thought this post was hilarious. (And VBS-themed, of course!)

That's kind of long, hope it works...

Marbel said...

Mrs D, I'd say you put in your time for sure.

Sheryl, I should have offered to bring the cookies; I'll do that next year!

Lauren, what a scream; thanks for sending!

Sharon-Momn4boys said...

LOL! You are FUNNY!